Are you reading this blog while storing a heap of un-discarded waste in your backyard? Then you must know the risk it can pose to our health and those in your community. There can be many reasons why you have to wreck the ground of your property and dig up all that waste. By accumulating the rubbish, you are only causing a hindrance to your project.

To save a few pennies, you may think about loading all the wastes into the back of your trunk and disposing of them at an unknown landfill. The consequence of this action not only harms the balance of nature but also drains your pocket. The back and forth movements can incur high transportation costs, and by the end of this, there still can be leftovers.

So, what is a cost-effective remedy to remove all the waste at once from your property? We would suggest it be a quality skip hire. The idea may seem expensive, but let us assure you it is not. Instead of making multiple trips, you can choose the configuration of a skip that can handle all your property’s waste and transport it out in one or two trips. This way, you are saving transportation, loading and disposal costs.

How do you benefit from skip hire?

Large amounts of rubbish can be caused by household trashes, renovation or reconstruction rubbles, or garden wastes, and it can be a tedious process to throw them away. By utilising skip hire, there are several benefits that you can earn. Some of them are listed below-

  • Cost-effective- We say it is a cost-effective way to remove your waste because you are avoiding all the necessary tasks that will require transporting the junk out of your property. With skip hire, you can load all the rubbish piled up on your property and discard it in one go.
  • Bulk Transportation- As stated earlier, while hiring a skip truck and bin to your location, it will be big enough to hold all your rubbish in bulk and remove it from your site.
  • Convenient- Why is it convenient to hire a skip? The company you hire a skip from handles all the responsibilities involved in disposing of your waste. At NJB, we ensure you the best services to scoop all the rubbish and rubbles out of your property with no remains.
  • Options of Skips- If you consider booking skip hire to remove all the rubbles from your property, don’t settle for limited choices. At NJB, you can find several options of skips at various configurations to decide which to choose. This way, you will not have to stress about the overall waste transportation and get it done in a jiffy.

The type of skips you must know about

Starting with how you may have waste accumulating in your backyard, we discussed the benefits of hiring a skip and the type of skips you must familiarise yourself with while booking for a service. So, let us get into the matter at hand and know about the various types of skips you can find at our company.

  • Mini Skip Hire- Mini skip hires are the smallest ever available skip, which comes in two sizes, 2-yard and 4-yard skips. These mini skips are easy to handle and sustainable to use. For bathroom or kitchen refits, mini skip hire can be a perfect choice.
  • Small skip Hire- In case you are undertaking a domestic clearance project, the pile of wastes can be slightly more than the previous one. It can obstruct your project. Small skips can range from 3 yard skips to 4 yard skips.
  • Midi Skip Hire- Midi skip hire is an ideal solution if you are undertaking DIY or home renovation projects. The midi skip bins’ capacity is 4 yard skips and 5 yard skips. These come up to half the size of a car park area. Thus, it is easy to access and use at your convenience.
  • Large Skip Hire- These skips are essential for larger projects such as commercial clearance, construction and reconstructions. Even domestic renovations happening on a large scale can utilise large skip hire. The sizes of these skips range from 6 yards to 40 yards. Large skips can be divided into maxi skips, ranging between 6-16 yards, and RoRo skips, ranging between 20-40 yards.

Here’s how NJB can help you

Now that you have decided to hire a skip, look no further for where you must get one. We at NJB Recycling offer you not only our best quality skips that can hold all your wastes in bulk but also provide you excellent services to ensure your property is cleared from all the hazardous toxins that this rubbish can create.

What makes us unique from other skip companies? We provide you with same-day services after booking. The same-day pickups and rentals can save you the burden of bearing an unkempt property filled with garbage. We contribute towards the growth of a healthy environment and thus, recycle the waste we collect from your location.

So, if you are looking for pocket-friendly skip bins or rentals, book our services at NJB Recycling. Our 3-step booking process makes it convenient for you to get skips directly to your location.