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Affordable Junk Clearance Services

Need junk removed from a commercial, construction or house clearance project?  Searching for someone to ‘move my junk’ or ‘collect my junk’ on a local and efficient basis to fit your budget – while offering the best prices for the best company services in the region?  Look no further than the top team at NJB Recycling – we can collect junk from domestic and business sites, and are always more than happy to pick up junk and trash in the form of scrap, medical waste, bulky items, troublesome plastic, industrial refuse and more besides – we can pick up junk from house to business premises – throughout London, Surrey, the South East and South West.  Our junk service is second to none for that ‘near me’ appeal – we are a friendly team that doesn’t just focus on affordable, low cost, cheap appeal – we focus on the environmental factors, too, with recycling being a key part of our focus (it’s in our name!). Looking for someone to ‘pick up my junk’ in the South East but are unsure where to start? Hiring us couldn’t be simpler – we’ll get our junk truck out to you the same day you hire if possible – meaning that our junk clearance service can be with you whenever you need us the most.  We understand that these things pop up when you least expect them! Companies from all over our region depend upon our junk service and junk removal specialities – all you have to do is give us a quick call and we’ll be in touch to arrange matters with you – simple! Waste management London and beyond has never been simpler – for food removal, hotel waste or total clearance, we’re amongst the UK’s best in household and industrial refuse disposal, collection and recycling. Call for waste management prices or to save yourself a trip or two down the dump with our brilliant removal vehicles!

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Reliable Waste Clearance London & Surrey

Getting rid of waste – whether industrial, small-scale commercial or even domestic, we’re always happy to be on hand to help.  The beauty of hiring NJB Recycling doesn’t just lie in the fact that we’re always happy to support a wide range of budget needs with our low cost tariffs – but that we work hard to make sure you get exactly what you pay for from us.  Our vehicles will be with you to handle and remove bulky, unwanted waste on large scales at extremely short notice – all you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest. Why waste carting everything down to the local dump yourself when we can handle the heavy duty, bulky side of things for you?

Junk Pickup Near Me

Our team really is the best at what they do – and you can take advantage of our brilliant waste clearance and management services today by calling 02087867000 or booking online – let us handle the nitty gritty and the heavy refuse so you don’t have to!  Get in touch and call us.