Waste Recycling Center

NJB cover the whole of London and Surrey. We provide a reliable, efficient skip hire service throughout these areas and can offer competitive prices.

NJB pick up waste from our client’s location, taking it directly onto our very own Material Recycling Facility, which then separates and prepares all sorts of waste products for recycling.

We have invested heavily over the years into our waste-sorting infrastructure, allowing us to maximise the amount of material we collect and recycle, doing the best we can financially and environmentally.

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The way in which we process the collected waste is extremely efficient and involves experienced fully trained staff who hand-sort, as well as a range of automatic machinery which sorts and separates items, be it wood, metal, cardboard or fabrics.

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This allows us to then send on applicable materials for further processing and recycling where need be. We also collect construction waste and demolition rubble and are able to process this at our plant too.

We have specialist equipment for this crushing of bricks and rubble, and follow all the correct protocol when it comes to the recycling of such materials. Have NJB collect and process your construction waste, we can deal with it on our own site with our specialist facilities, which in turn saves you money when you choose us.

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Landfill is seen as a last resort by us, and we do not dispose of waste to landfill without thoroughly sorting it first and taking out any potentially recyclable material. We aim to recycle 100% of the waste collected by our clients and manage this regularly, even if it means passing waste on to specialist recycling plants at times in order to have it processed.

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