Do you have a pile of waste accumulating on your property? By removing it through cost-effective means, how environmental-friendly is your practice for disposing of these wastes? The thoughtless disposal of trash is one of several causes that contribute to the environment’s declining ecological balance. Removing waste yourself may be in your best interest, but it can negatively affect your health and community if you cause environmental threats.

While driving past landfills, you may notice the accumulation of wastes of all kinds. More than half of it is non-degradable and is burnt away. The heat emanating from these wastes produces toxic gases that pollute the air and cause severe health conditions. The damages done so far may not be redeemable, but one contribution per person can show significant changes over time.

By hiring skips, you are in for the environmental benefits of disposing of the rubbish accumulating on your property. As a professional skip company, NJB Recycling has a whole team specialising in identifying and separating the wastes into different categories for further decomposition or recycling, depending on the nature of the waste. This way, you can feel content that the rubbish transported from your property is not polluting the general public and nature.

Environmental Consequences of Landfills

Removing wastes from your home or property may be a routine task that you commit to unconsciously. Well, now that you are reading this, stop and think about the assortment of wastes that you dispose of. Are they degradable? Decomposable? After food wastes, the largest disposed wastes are plastics. For commercial projects, the amount of rubble, metal, wood and plastic waste is more than we can estimate.

Often, for convenience, these wastes are dumped into landfills that are already polluted with a mountain of junk. The most alerting factor about these landfills is that all the waste cannot be processed in a factory and must be burnt in the open. And the organic mass among these landfills is methane gas, which is more hazardous than carbon dioxide as it decomposes faster under the sun’s heat.

How Are Different Wastes Recycled?

Are you finding it hard to process all this information at once? Well, there’s actually nothing you have to do. If you have rubbish, rubble, or other waste on your property hindering your life or project’s progress, then hiring the right company to offer you skips is all you have to do.

At NJB Recycling, we take pride in our processing unit for recycling and decomposing the wastes that we receive. Below are the ways we compose each waste that comes along our skips.

  • Wood wastes- We receive mostly broken furniture, fixtures and interior fittings that cannot be refixed or repaired. To make use of all the wood, we shred it into tiny chips that can be used for gardening or as fuel.
  • Garden wastes- Garden wastes are usually little rubbish with soil. Most of the debris can be easily composted and used as natural fertilisers for your garden.
  • Excess soil matters- For commercial projects, they have to dig up a lot of soil from the ground to build their foundation. This soil cannot be kept idle at the same site. At NJB, we ensure to utilise this soil for natural causes like harvesting healthy ground level where it lacks or creating space for more houses.
  • Stubborn wastes- Stubborn wastes that refuse to decompose, such as concrete, stones, bricks, glasses or tiles, cannot be reused either. In that case, we crush them into a desirable form to facilitate their purpose for building projects.
  • Recyclable and electric wastes- Huge wastes like fridges, aircon, televisions, computers etc., are mainly disposed of because of their outdated nature. But these appliances and electronics can have wires and parts used in many other electrical fittings.

Njb’s Recycling Reputation

Let us help you take the first few steps toward environmental sustainability by collecting all the wastes on your property and loading them into our skips for disposal. With various types and sizes of skips at our store, you can book the one that holds all your wastes in bulk. If you are unsure about the quantity, each skip bin can hold, head over to our website and compare the sizes of each skip bin or give us a call to receive an expert opinion.

At NJB Recycling, you can find an elaborate waste management system with dedicated machines to shred, grind, churn and crush the wastes from your location to our plant. Our material recycling facility separates and categorises each waste and then further recycles them.

We have made our services just a call away to cater for your convenience. By giving us a ring, you can book the skip that suits your requirements and get it brought to your site on your comfort day. Psst, we offer same-day service as well. So, book yours today and contribute towards environmental sustainability.