At NJB we recognise the importance of recycling as a means of reducing the impact of waste on the environment and preserving our natural resources and also to develop a sustainable future. We recycle as many materials as possible which arise from demolition and clearance processes.

We have our own on-site screening facility, which can operate on any project to assist in recycling and consistently recycle in excess of 75% of the waste that we process.

The amount of waste needing to be recycled will continue to grow substantially over the coming years. Our policy at NJB is to ensure we are always able to provide clients in and around London and Surrey with appropriate and cost-effective options for recycling their waste.

We are also committed to reducing our road emissions by investing in a new fleet of Grab and Skip Lorries, all of which meet the strict Low Emission Zone standards. Our plant continues to be updated to ensure we are operating environmentally efficient machinery.

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